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Men Leather Sandals
Handmade Leather Sandals for men

About Us

Handmade Leather Sandals & Slippers

Handmade Footwear Factory is the premier manufacturer of Men's Leather Sandals , Women's Leather Sandals and kids leather sandals  . For over 12 years , we’ve been producing  ALL Handmade Leather Sandals , Slippers and Flip Flops , which receive regular acclaim throughout Arabian and Gulf Countries . Our handicraft was forged in Pakistan . Since that time, we’ve carved out our own niche in the fashion world by producing refreshingly nimble footwear made by local artisans.
Each of our handmade leather sandals and slippers is completely unique, ensuring you get an entirely exclusive product every time you buy. Through this careful, individualised attention, Shoe Shops and Importers alike have fallen in love with our footwear. A pair of Handmade Footwear Factory's Sandals makes an excellent gift for family members and friends, particularly those who love to travel. Browse our collections above.

Ethically Crafted.

Each sandal is handmade with natural ingredients that only get better with time and wear. They give you a look and feel unlike mass produced sandals where no two are alike.

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