Our Story !

A  family owned business since 1979s manufacturing high quality genuine leather Handmade sandals . Our aim is to provide best sandals worldwide  without compromising on quality - due to this our quality leather sandals are hand-stitched with genuine leather upper and soles with better quality and more fine craftsmanship we always commit to craft a masterpiece . 


We always prefer Genuine Leather Sandals - instead of artificial or synthetic leather sandals . Because 70% of the market is running on synthetic products and customers are not even familiar with the ORIGINAL COMFORT of 100% pure leather sandals and the benefits ​it have such as for DIABETIC PATIENTS - SKIN ALLERGIC - BLOOD PRESSURE and FOOT-ACHE .

Crafting for men and women in all sizes and designs - Arabic sandals - Leather sandals for men and women - leather shoes - Arab sandals - Saudi Sandals - Handstitched Sandals - Handcrafted Sandals - Masai Sandals - Men shoes - Women shoes .

our made products are mostly made with the combination of all kind of leather including CAMEL leathers , COW leathers , GOAT leathers , SHEEP leathers , BUFFALO leathers . That is the main reason  of comfort in our made sandals . We use fine quality leathers depending upon customer requirements . 


We currently export to AUSTRALIA - USA - KSA - UAE - UK - GERMANY - YEMEN - TANZANIA . We always welcome new custom made designs and prototypes .




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