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Saudi Sandals - Traditional Authentic Arabian Style Sandals .

saudi sandals - arabic sandals - leather flip flops for men and women . MADAS SHARQI

Saudi Sandals traditionally known as Madas Sharqi are traditional sandals of Arabian Peninsula . With their unique syle and design they are very comfortable and durable . They are cinsisted of 3 layered genuine leather upper - 1 layered genuine leather straps going through the side loop rings jointing with other genuine leather strap and then getting them knotted on the front of upper . Saudi Sandals uppers are also Handstiched which makes them very very unique and funky

. We HANDMADE FOOTWEAR FACTORY craft each pair with finest leather available in town . Providing employment to womens in villages whom stich these .

Outsoles and Insoles are also made with genuine leather - basiscally Authetic Saudi Sandals was the one made with genuine camel leather 3 layered sole

. but with time the design took new looks and for comfort people start adding cushions which is now very well accepted .

insoles and Outsoles are together stitched in order to make to last longer then usual sandals .now a days also there is a new style spin on saudi sandals which is added rubber outsole so that the sandals do not slip while walking and running .

please visit our collection saudi sandals and have a look at the types of saudi sandals - MADAS SHARQI we manufacture , craft .

Our crafted Saudi Sandals - Madas SHarqi are finest quality .

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